Panther is an industry leading manufacturer of high professional cinematographic film equipment.

What is a panther dolly

Panther dollies are a type of film equipment used for smooth camera movement. They consist of a low profile platform mounted on wheels, allowing for precise tracking shots. Panther dollies are often used in high-end film productions and can be operated manually or remotely.


Why use a panther dolly

Panther dollies can add a level of sophistication and professionalism to your film production by providing smooth and precise camera movements. They offer versatility in terms of both indoor and outdoor shooting locations, as they can be used on various surfaces. Using a panther dolly can help elevate the overall quality and production value of your film.


How does it benefit your production

Panther dollies work by providing a smooth and stable platform for the camera to move on, reducing vibrations and camera shake. They are often mounted on rails or tracks, allowing for precise and controlled movements. Panther dollies can also be equipped with various accessories such as cranes, booms, and stabilizers to enhance their capabilities and provide even more creative options for camera movement.


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